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Have you noticed something different on our site or in your communications with U.I.S.? We’re in the process of rolling out our new logo. Our company and services have not changed; it was simply time for an updated look for our logo that reflects our purpose. The new graphic is a shield, which symbolizes protection. U.I.S protects businesses from unemployment claims!

Top 10 reasons every business needs unemployment claims outsourcing

UIS finished 2016 with a 94% disqualification rate preventing more than $21.4 million in claim liability.

  1. NO one wants to deal with unemployment claims. They’re an inevitable part of business and a big hassle. EVERY business has unemployment claims.
  2. EACH successful unemployment claim costs your company up to $12,000 or more. State governments get this money only from YOUR company by debiting your account OR raising your unemployment taxes.
  3. Claims SHOULD be disputed in many cases, but most companies don’t.
  4. With expert help, you can WIN 9 out of 10 disputed claims with up to 111X ROI.
  5. NOT winning claims raises your unemployment insurance rating, costing you tens of thousands annually, if not more.
  6. Unemployment insurance is the ONE tax you CAN control with the right expertise and insider knowledge for every state in the country.
  7. If you THINK over the next year you’ll have ONE unemployment claim you should dispute, you need our service.
  8. If … you are a company with 150-600 employees … or are involved in M&A … or are a company that just churns people, you REALLY need this service.
  9. Using a third party to contest claims protects the employee brand image of the company and management.
  10. If you are using a vendor, are you getting everything from them you can? Are they fighting as hard for you as they should?

A national convenience store chain with 19,000 employees saved $1,425,000 and won 95% of their claims to date by using UIS.

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